Spend less, earn more

Show 5x the amount of homes


We send you the
Delet Kit

  • 3 Delet Surveillance Cameras for security and tour guidance
  • Delet Hub provides internet to cameras and lock
  • Delet Smart Lock to remotely lock and unlock the property for showings

Your kit is linked to your Delet App

  • Our AI agent will schedule appointments with prospects
  • Manage all your properties, agents, and clients in one place
  • Obtain comprehensive data and recordings from all showings

Let the showings

  • Unlock the door remotely using the Delet App
  • Video call your potential clients through the app
  • Our AI agent can answer any questions or concerns about the property
  • Monitor at all times via the Delet Surveillance Cameras

You’ll benefit from

We are the only company with secure self-showings with cameras

Setup takes less than 2 minutes with no hardware required

We provide internet through our hub, so you can use Delet even if you don't have internet in the apartment

Our system is designed to move between vacant apartments, saving money

Our cameras will notify you if a prospect stays in the apartment too long, or if the door is not closed properly

Remotely control the door lock – agents do not need to be present at the showing

Great experience, happy clients

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